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on board were put onto other flights. >>> lisa nowak, the former nasa astronaut who drove across the country to attack a romantic rival, will begin serving out her probation after pleading guilty tuesday and coming face to face with her victim. nbc's jeff rossen is in orlando with more. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: natalie, good morning to you. this was supposed to be a pretty routine hearing, but that changed quick. after years of saying she didn't do it, lisa nowak, that nasa astronaut, now says, yes, i did it pleading guilty. she even turned to apologize to the victim herself. >> i am glad to have the opportunity to apologize to you, ms. shipman, in person. i am sincerely sorry for causing fear and misunderstanding and all of the intense public exposure that you have suffered. i hope very much that we can all move forward from this with privacy and peace. >> reporter: lisa nowak coming clean and pleading guilty. >> lisa nowak hunted me down and attacked me in a dark parking lot. >> reporter: her hands shaking, her voice quivering. the victim, colleen shipman, told the judg
and tuesday. we spoke to lisa robinson, and they explain what attorneys will be looking for for jurors to be sitting on this case. >> mayor dixon's life is so hectic, she could have easily lost awareness it those rare gift cards she had gotten or if they belonged to someone else -- if those gift cards she had gotten belonged to her or someone else. women would certainly be something we did want to have. >> the prosecution wants the opposite, focused people, elderly, and he projects the trial will last about 10 days. that would give the case to the jurors just before thanksgiving. reporting live at city hall, kim dacey, wbal tv 11 news. >> jury selection beginning tomorrow, and 11 news will have a team of reporters covering the case on their an online at wbaltv.com. -- on air and online. and man were shot near the harbor house complex around 1:30 this morning -- a man was shot. police say he is in serious condition. there is no word tonight on a suspect or motive in this case. we are learning more about the maryland soldier who was one of 13 people killed in that deadly shooting rampage
to customer service. wbal tv 11 news lisa robinson explains. >> hopefully you'll have great customer service this holiday shopping season. that wasn't always the case for our secret shopper. with the eye team's hidden camera rolling we sent her to a dozen stores in the baltimore area. she'll make purchases and give us her overall opinions of the experience including the help she receives and the cleanliness of the stores and ladies room. some places got it right. >> service was excellent. i told her it was a gift. she gave me a little bag, gift receipt. pleasant. >> other places, she thought some of them weren't so good. >> i would have walked out the door in such a shamble of store. >> monday at 11:00 see which stores the secret shopper peoples the best and which didn't cut it. for the 11 news eye team, i'm lisa robinson. >>> accused in the fort hood shooting faces a judge from his hospital bed. why that hearing sparked outrage looking for new answers to help treat disaster survivors. the possible lynx between ptsd and genes. >>> and i'm tony pann. we're watching a storm system coming out o
's my favorite part of the trip. >> welcome to "11 news sunday mo raiin6 c13 j" oup n lisa ronedng upon. >> and i'm deborah weiner in for kate ecoargi sterrst let's go toormohn colli >> the sun is coming out comnedned with a ligsth breof t wa ther than yesterday. yesterday was a little cool with that win na whe rll be 10 d mdrees warmer during the day today. whe rre alreaot warming urog what's hauuong to bring in the warm air is a cold front to the wefment ahead of that front -- to the west ahead of that front. that explains the warm-ps. you can see around memphis and chicago, we have rain. on milwaukee and green snt. that system is coming in tonight and tomorrow. the nice sunctip we will ht,e today will last one day. detamls on the forecast coming urog >> thanks, john. >> it's the miracle on664t"1 Ãfooseet. haat:den flipped the switch. it's a decades-old tradition, but this year a warr tng on thoe going to see that not to fall victim to a scaho arghtdacey tells us about it. >> and 34th street is ablaze again with holr eay ligsths for the 2 ch9 hecoyouren christmas street display. >> i
. >> while at us airways' hub in washington -- >> flight 1825. gate 23. >> reporter: flight attendant lisa scott knows the routine well. what's the secret to staying sane if you're a flight attendant? >> um, yoga. [ laughter ] lots of deep breaths. >> reporter: the airlines anticipate just under 2 million fliers to pass through all the nation's airports today. but the busiest air travel days will be sunday and monday with just over 2 million flyers each day. and 23-year veteran lindwood harris knows what they're thinking. >> they're thinking of that wonderful dinner at grandma's house, their expectations of getting there on time, and most importantly, have their bag arrive with them as well. >> check in early. please plan on arriving at airport two hours ahead. >> reporter: the good news? thanksgiving 2009 looks to be snow and ice-free. >> weather is cooperating, passengers are moving well, and flying's good. >> reporter: you heard the advice there, check in early, and the reason for that is because there are fewer airplanes this year and fewer seats. so, if you miss your plane, if you mis
! toys 'r' us...where kids are a big deal. ™ >> good morning. most lisa -- mostly cloudy skies, very little part cetacean -- precipitation. here is your day planner. it should be dry. 30% chance you will run into a shower this afternoon. a high of a 56 degrees. we have more rain in the seven- day forecast. we will take a look at that shortly. >> in the medical alert, a new report from the march of dimes shows the number of premature births has not changed very much. we have scored "d" on the report. one in five pregnant women still smoke. we need to reduce that number, and get women to doctors early, that would change things. >> if you take plavix, you may need to stay away from, and harper and medications. the effectiveness -- heartburn medications. the effectiveness could be effected. you should stay away from prozac and tagamet. >> coming up, we will get >> at evergreen, a pedestrian was struck. so far so good on ritchie highway. no problems to report on the beltway, j.f.x., but a problem at randall wood road. middletown road looking at closures are round of free land due to an ac
lisa robinson. >> i am an deadbeat winner. let's look outside. ->> we are trying to get through some clouds parted they will not be rainmakers. the sun will come in and it will be a fairly nice day. >> we are planning on it. >> we started off chilly this morning. we are warming up at this stage 3. . the clouds are coming from a system down south. as i show you on the wider view, you can see areas of rain associated with the storm but they are well south of us today. that's where the rain will stay. we will see clouds come up into the area but we will see some rain break and reasonably good temperatures. i will have details in a minute. >> mayor sheila dixon's date has been put on hold for several days. jurors went home for the weekend without a verdict. we have some questions they have asked and what attorneys on both sides are saying. >> mayor sheila dixon walked from the rear of the courthouse to city hall at the end of the day parade her guilt or innocence was still undecided. she says she intends to spend the weekend between work and personal activity before resuming the nail bit
consumers, it's a business' customer service that makes them stand out. 11 news i-team reporter lisa robinson has more on how some local retailers are faring. >> hopefully you'll have great customer service this holiday shopping season, but that wasn't always the case for our secret shopper. with the i-team's hidden camera rolling we sent her to a dozen stores in the baltimore area. she'll make purchases, and then give us her overall opinion of the experience, including the help she receives and the cleanliness of the stores and ladies' rooms. some places got it right. >> service was excellent. i told her it was a gift. she gave me a little bag a gift receipt. absolutely pleasant. >> other places? well, she thought some of them weren't so good. >> i would have walked out the door. it's in such a shambles this store. >> see which stores the secret shopper feels was the best and which ones just didn't cut it in the customer service test. for the 11 news i-team, i'm lisa robinson. >> now your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with sarah caldwell. >> hope you're doing well on this monday. a
investigative correspondent lisa myers. >> reporter: ann mckie had been on shutterfly buying photos and later found some unwanted charges on her credit card, monthly fees for a membership club called reservation rewards. >> this was going for a service which i did not want, did not need, and had no knowledge of getting. >> reporter: today a senate committee said millions of consumers have unwittingly signed up for these clubs. and investigators accuse the companies involved of aggressive sales tactics intentionally designed to mislead online shoppers. >> tricking customers into buying goods and services that they do not want is not okay. >> reporter: an expert shows us how it works. after you buy something on popular websites, another offer pops up. it looks like a coupon from the retailer, but it's actually from a third party company. click on, and you will be billed every month for a discount membership club, a fact often disclosed only in the small print. >> what's most deceptive is that your credit card is charged without you ever typing in your credit card number. >> reporter: that's rig
investigative correspondent lisa myers. >> reporter: sharon terrace, who has advocated for people with credit card problems, didn't think it would happen to her. but in the last year citibank hiked her credit card interest rate three times. from 7% to 15%, then to 26%, and now to 30%. >> they want my business because they want to rip me off. and there isn't much that i can do about it. >> reporter: she admits she had a late payment but says the increase hurts a lot because she owes $10,000 on her card. when she called citi to protest, she was told the rate hike was a business decision. the bank needs to make money. >> i wanted to scream at the woman and say, well, you didn't make good business decisions before. we had to bail you out, and now you're making us pay you again. >> reporter: credit card reforms approved in may would outlaw this kind of retroactive rate increase on money consumers have already spent. but congress gave banks until next february to comply with the new rules, and banks have used that time to significantly raise rates. >> the bill is passed. >> reporter: today the hous
x late breaking, this is doubly -- wbal. >> i am lisa robbins. >> our top stories in a moment but let's look outside with our meteorologist. >> good morning. temperatures this morning around the city dropped below the freezing point. it may have done in a few of your favorite plants. the days are getting shorter and everything else. we have to look forward to cooler weather for a while. today we will see a warming trend. we will reverse the trend we have had for the last couple of days. yesterday's high was only around 52 degrees. we will do better than that during the day today. the closest storms have been a couple of sprinkles and showers with mixed precipitation in upstate new york. the real stormy weather is coming off the pacific ocean in the pacific northwest where they are having rain in the lower elevations. not much going on. the warming trend will be welcome and we will talk about that and a few minutes. -- in a few minutes. >> baltimore mayor sheila dixon talks exclusively to 11 years. she spoke about her commitment to the business of the city as her top priority.
drama in the case of former nasa astronaut lisa nowak. she pleaded guilty on tuesday to attacking a romantic rival and came face to face with that rival in a -- rather a tearful victim. nbc's jeff rossen was in the courtroom. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: mhey, meredith, god morning to you. as we've seen time and time again, love triangles usually get messy and end pretty badly. this one was really messy and ended really badly. it made headlines three years ago. remember this story? this is the astronaut from nasa who drove across the country to attack a romantic rival, another woman who was dating the man that she was dating. well, after three years, she now admits, yes, i did it. she pled guilty. and in court yesterday, when she said to the judge, i want to apologize to the victim, the judge said, okay, turn around and do it to her face. >> i'm glad i got the opportunity to apologize to you, ms. shipman, in person. i am sincerely sorry for causing fear and misunderstanding and all of the intense public exposure that you have suffered. i hope very much that we can all move for
by constellation energy group] >> welcome to "11 news sunday morning." i'm lisa robinson. >> and i'm deborah weiner in for kate amara. our top stories in jome. first a look outside with john collins. >> an indicator, i didn't have to scrape the windshield this morning. temperatures are above freezing, not below freezing. in addition to the chilly air we have, we have a hurricane moving into the gulf of mexico. still the tropical storm and hurricane season. still winter -- hardly winter-like at this stage. we are headed toward spring-like weather. more on that in a mome. as we were yesterday morning, storm-free around the mid-atlantic region. i have had to resort the national radar imaginary to show you where the storms are. a little bit more action in the pacific northwest as yesterday. northern plains. also up in the state of maine and the maritime provinces of canada. here's the rain sorted with ida moving into the gulf of mexico. we'll talk about these weather systems and how at the moment they are not affecting us at all. see you in a few minutes. >> the house of representatives -- >> the ameri
a raid on her house. the judge is sending information on how to respond. lisa baden the problem is having inconsistent theories. earlier questions from the jury regarding the decorouand definif "implied." also, how long she had have the gift cards in her possession to constitute a crime. a person in a position of public trust keeping something of value that does not belong to them. the judge advised the jury to read page 21 of the instructions. perhaps they struggled with this sentence. "the near failure to return an item interested to a person without criminal intent does not constitute misappropriation by a fiduciary." if we don't expect a decision anytime before 12:30 today. at that time the jury orders lunch. david collins reporting. >> we will have updates at 4:00 5:00, 6:00. a woman is dead and the man recovered after a boat was shot outside a west baltimore funeral home at 7:30 last night at the brown's funeral home on north fulton avenue. the 34 year-old female was shot in the test. rust to a hospital, pronounced dead hours later. no word on the condition of the male victim. the s
good and not so good opinions of the customer service. she's back with more tonight. i am lisa robinson. >> tonight she hands out grades to more than a half-dozen stores and one of them will get her best grade debt. the seeker shopper visited stores all around baltimore with a hidden camera team close behind. she shops for toys household goods, this gives her opinion. tonight one store in particular gets a glowing grade. >> excellent in customer service all the weight around. >> but a slow to cut another store does not cut it. >> i have to give them an f e is nothing was even remotely close to get me out of that door. >> find out tonight. how all the other stores make out in the 19th annual customer service test. >> now insta-weather-forecast with sandra shaw. >> i hope you are careful out there as we saw have during earlier this morning and since then it has been just drizzle. you can see a blanket of low- level clouds. that translates into some fog. jsut a gray mid-atlantic day out there for you. we're 52 downtown. we have only risen a couple of degrees since this morning in the upper
becomes to holiday shopping, so for many customers it is a service that the stands out. >> lisa robinson has more on somehow -- on how some local retailers are fairing. >> with the hidden camera rolling, we sent her to a dozen stores in the baltimore area to make purchases and then give us her overall experience opinion. including the help she received and the cleanliness of the stores and ladies' rooms. some places got it right. >> service was excellent. she gave me a guide, a gift receipt. >> other places, well, she got some of them -- she thought some of them were not so good. the crux it was such a shambles -- >> it was such a shambles. >> find out which were the best and which ones did not cut it. >> now, your 11 insta-weather + forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> some rain continuing into the area tonight and tomorrow morning. it will taper off a bit toward the middle of the week. it looks another weather system will be approaching by thanksgiving. for now, occasional rain continuing overnight. heavier showers are east of the day now. lighter showers extend west of
day. i am lisa robinson. >> she also visited the toes art -- toys r us store, and she shot a j.c. penney in glen burning. she gave them a b. >> now your forecast with chief meteorologist tom castelmyer. >> we have picked up another .1% of an inch in rain. -- .1 inch of rain. some fog forming as well. the temperature barely moved under thick clouds. 48 for the low, 52 for the high temperature. of or 40's to the north and west of baltimore. -- upper 40's to the north and west. holding around 50 in many areas on the eastern shore. western maryland, they are at 41 degrees. hancock, heading out west is 49. leonard town at 49 degrees. sunrise forecast -- some clouds, pettifog, 45 to 50 with a light -- like east wind. -- and patchy fog. maybe the klaus get a chance to thin a little tomorrow. -- maybe that clouds the chance to thin a little tomorrow. this next weather system will rapidly approached tomorrow and it will bring us some showers. if you are traveling, snow showers being generated from minneapolis to chicago, cleveland up into buffalo and detroit. clouds and low clouds and f
to customer service. lisa robinson the planes -- explains. >> hopefully you will have good luck, but that was not always the case. >> we sent her to a dozen stores in the baltimore area to make purchases and give us for overall opinion of the experience, including the help she received and the cleanliness of the waiting rooms. some got it right. >> service was excellent. she gave me a little bag and a gift receipt. >> other places, well, she thought some of them were not so good. >> i would have walked up the door. such a shambles. >> we went to see which secret shoppers want the best, and which did not cut it. >> thank you. a new mutation in the h1n1 flu virus, and health officials are concerned. how a changing swine flu could change the way doctors treat the out by -- outbreaks. plus, why some students received out by -- outbreaks. plus, why some students received a tool of ..when your nose is raw and sore. plain tissue can make it burn even more. but mom knows there's puffs plus... ...with the magic of three. soothing lotion with a touch of shea butter, aloe and e. plain tiss
. >>> lisa noah, the former astronaut who drove 1,000 miles to confront a romantic rival with another astronaut pled guilty to charges. facing earlier more serious charges she could have received a life sentence. instead, under a plea deal, she got a year of probation and 50 hours of community service. >>> and 400 years after locking up galileo just for challenging the view that the earth was the center of the universuniverse, vatican has decided to join the search for alien life. the roman catholic church recently held a five-day conference, including a variety of scientists to study the possibility of extra treft real life. if eye lee yes or no life were discovered, they would be considered, quote, part of creation. >>> the dow opens at 10246 after adding 20 points on tuesday. but the s&p last a fraction. and the nasdaq lost 2 points. taking a look at overseas trading, in tokyo, the nikkei ddq )jjt the hang seng rose 359 points. >>> well, yesterday's gains on the dow were modest, they were enough to set a new high for the yearfollowing in step with a day that was optimistic and full
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>> welcome to "11 news sunday morning." i'm lisa robinson. top stories in just a moment. first, a look outside with meteorologist john collins. >> beautiful morning. absolutely beautiful. chilly, but not as cold as yesterday. we're doing this in steps and getting this to a level that we're probably not going to see much more of because we're getting deeper into autumn and approaching winter as the days get shorter. it's just over -- well, the days are getting shorter. 18 hours of sunlight. 18 hours of sunlight stuck in there. anyway, the days are getting shorter, and there is less time to enjoy what we see here. druid hills park. our view overlooking its park. radar doesn't have much to show around here. stormy weather out in the northern plains. also unsettled weather in the gulf of mexico and the caribbean. that's all because of hurricane ida. we'll dach about that and will ida get close? the forecast is just ahead. >> and america and the american people won today. >> the house of representatives passes a historic health care reform to provide coverage to millions more americ
at protecting some consumers, but is it too little, too late? nbc senior investigative correspondent lisa myers has more on this story. hi, lisa. >> good morning, matt. this is all being driven by public outrage toward bailed-out banks, which in recent months have doubled credit card interest rates for millions of americans. what congress is moving to do now would merely prevent further increases on most balances. it will not undo what has already happened. for months now, consumers have been outraged by unwelcomed credit card notices. ed niska just got the word that bailed-out citibank is doubling his rate to 30%. >> it does anger me, because here i am, a citizen, and i helped bail them out. >> reporter: hank parker just got his second interest rate increase this year from citi on the $3,500 he owes. >> i'm getting whacked for 30% on an interest rate? i just -- it just knocked me over. >> reporter: linda and jay gallagher had downsized so they could pay all their bills after their consulting business was hit hard by the economy. then, chase doubled the interest rate on their $5,000 credit card
captioning institute, inc. ---www.ncicap.org--- >> i'm lisa robinson. >> i'm deborah weiner. >> first let's go to john collins with the weather. >> i had to escape the window this morning. there is a bit of a chill in the morning this morning. temperatures are right around freezing. upper 20's. but other than the chill, and that's, you know, kind of seasonal relief, you can expect that this time of year, it is beautiful outside. the wind has gone away. a little storm to us. i don't want to call it a storm, but the weather disturbance is rain and snow out in the midwest. rain and snow in the valley is coming into the valley. up north of that, wisconsin and minnesota, some snow. we'll talk about the forecast and how all of that out there treats us here eventually coming up. >> a baltimore tradition came alive last night. it is the miracle on 34th street. hamden flipped the switch on holiday street lights. >> this year a warning for those going to see the display. do not fall victim to a scam. kim dacey splains. -- explains. >> 34th street is aballets again. -- is ablaze again. i like them.
investigative correspondent lisa myers has details on that. lisa, it's going to make a lot of people mad. >> it absolutely will, matt. this study found that executives at lehman brothers and bear stearns cashed in big time in the years before their firms impled. and even though they suffered huge losses at the end, their ceo still walked away with hundreds of millions of dollars. critics call it being richly rewarded for failure. it was the early phase of the financial meltdown last year. first, bear stearns was sold t avoid collapse. then lehman brothers went bankrupt. shareholders lost billions and thousands of employees lost jobs. but a new study by experts at harvard law school titled "wages of failure" found thatin 2000, the top five executivest each firm had received staggering amounts of cash bonuses and it sold mountains of stock. bear stearns executives cashed out about $1.4 billion. and lehman brothers, $1 billion. >> people whonveste in these companies should feel betrayed. the whole idea of capitalism is that the people provide the capital and the executives take care of it f
it comes to customer service. lisa robinson explains. >> hopefully you'll have great customer service this holiday shopping season. but that wasn't always the case for our secret shopper. with the i-team hidden camera rolling we sent her to a dozen stores in the baltimore area. she'll make purchases and then give us her overall opinion of the experience, including the help she received and the cleanliness of the stores and ladies' rooms. some places got it right. >> service was excellent. i told her it was a gift. she gave me a little bag, a gift receipt. absolutely pleasant. >> other places? well, she thought some of them weren't so good. >> i would walk out the door. it's in such a shambles, this store. >> see which were the best and which ones didn't cut it in the annual i-team customer service test. for the 11 news i-team, i'm lisa robinson. >> 6:20. another check on weather and traffic is straight ahead. >> also, after a tough loss to one of the best teams in the league, the ravens now face a do or die situation for the rest of the season. if they hope to make it to the playoffs.
will be wearing during the competition, lisa baird is chief marketing officer for the united states olympic committee. lisa, good morning. >> good morning, al. how are you? >> all right. and we have got people chanting "go, usa." we love this. what are the trends we'll be looking at this winter? >> well, we're going to be looking at a classic american palette, red, white and blue. the nike outfits are stressing performance. they've got to perform really under any condition. >> let's get started. this is the medal stand look. we hope to see this a lot in february. and showing off our look, short track speed kaser j.r. cheleski and gretchen bleiler. good to see you again. tell us about this look. it's fantastic. >> for the men, the hat, it's all about warmth, it's all about coort. >> are you warm? >> very warm. surprisingly. >> and wh gretchen, you've got a cat with a slightlyifferent cut. it's about being sporty and also looking great. >> will this hat stay on when you're snowboarding? >> only on the podium, al. there you go. >> only on the podium. >> and what about these tops here? >> these
to religion victim. -- lisa nowak apologized to her allegedly it down. -- her alleged victim. >> i believe she came here to murder me and i believe she never thought she would get caught. >> nowak pled the guilty to felony burglary of a car and misdemeanor battery >> i do you plead? >> guilty. >> she had originally been charged with two felonies, attempted kidnapping and burglary, which could have led to life in prison. she is accused of attacking a woman in a bizarre love triangle. shipman scribe hal nowak hunted her down and attacked her. --shipman described how nowak hunted her down and attacked her. nowak allegedly stalked her to a parking lot and then pepper sprayed her. the judge sentenced nowak to one-year probation and ordered her to have no contact with shipman or offlinoffelieine. >> she also must complete an eight-hour and your management class and pay restitution and court costs and write a sincere letter of apology to shipman. >> it is a late season tropical system. ida hit the shore this afternoon and could be in our region for the next days to come. you can see this area of low
are designed to protect people like private jordan sid, who nbc lisa myers profiled in september. after joining the army, sid opened his first checking account with his parents signed up as monitors, who soon saw each time jordan overdrew his account, even by just a few dollars, he was charged a $35 overdraft fee. in one day with purchases of just $33, he was charged $175 in fees. >> i'm not saying that my son shouldn't pay a penalty, but i think that they're just hanging him with all of these fees and it's ridiculous. >> reporter: today the fed put an end to that. starting july 1st, banks will no longer be allowed to automatically sign customers up for overdraft protection on atm and debit cards. instead, they must choose it. consumer vadvocates say it's a big first step. >> bad economy. the banks got us there. we need a way to get out. and one of the things that will level that playing field is for consumers to finally have a fair shake in these products. >> reporter: but the banks, expected to earn some $38 billion in overdraft fees this year, today said the new rules could lead some custome
here in maryland. lisa robinson is in the studio with that story. >> the task force is a government appointed, but independent panel of doctors and scientists and it is not -- does not set federal policy. he is worried about how insurance groups might use that the recommendations. >> women need and deserve the most accurate medical advice about detecting their health. >> no one knows that better than 51-year-old pamela smith. she was diagnosed with cancer at 47. she has been cancer-free for four years. >> it saved my life, a routine mammogram, which i started at the age of 40. do not listen to this task force. >> congressman elijah cummings talked to experts. bankers from and to get annual mammograms despite the finding last week by the task force. it issued recommendations sangamon not at risk for breast cancer need not schedule their first mammogram until they turn 50. >> for the average woman out there, we still strongly recommend that you have a screening mammogram every year beginning at age 40. >> congressman cummings says he is doing what he can to make sure that the task for
retailers. lisa robinson explains. hopefully you'll have great customer service this holiday shopping season. but that wasn't always the case for our secret shopper. with the i-team hidden camera rolling we sent her to a dozen stores in the baltimore area. she'll make purchases and then give us her overall opinion of the experience, including the help she received and the cleanliness of the stores and ladies' rooms. some places got it right. >> service was excellent. i told her it was a gift. she gave me a little bag, a gift receipt. absolutely pleasant. >> other places? well, she thought some of them weren't so good. >> i would walk out the door. it's in such a shambles, this store. >> see which were the best and which ones didn't cut it in the annual i-team customer service test. >> thank you. 5:22. 27 degrees on tv hill. coming up, another look at your morning commute with traffic and weather together. >> also, beer lovers rejoice. a local brewery is hitting a popular restaurant chain in maryland. we'll tell you where and when you can find it. >> and don't forget to e e-mail your answer t
clever tips to help you eat less. lisa, contributor to "women's health," good to see you. our plates are too big. >> exactly. the smaller the plate, the better. think about six to eight-inch plates. a study from cornell university found that those who ate hamburgers off of saucers -- these are very small -- these individuals actually believed they were consuming 18% more calories than they actually were. >> because on a smaller plate the smaller portion looks bigger. >> exactly. you feel less deprived. >> also extend that to the serving dishes as well. >> exactly. in studies people ate 56% more when they served themselves from a one-gallon bowl compared to a half-gallon bowl. >> if it's smaller bowl, you think, i look like a pig here. i'm scooping out too much. >> right. you may indeed scoop out less. another trick though is to use ceramic bowls over glass. >> why? >> interestingly, when you choose glass you can actually see through the bowl. one study in the international journal the obesity found women ate 71% more food out of transparent containers compared to ones they couldn't s
correspondent lisa myers is here with details. lisa, good morning to you. >> good morning, meredith. you may have seen some of these money-back offers on popular websites when you're shopping online. well, today, a senate committee is cracking down on this industry, which investigators say engages in deliberately misleading tactics and may be duping consumers out of millions of dollars. the offers pop up when you least expect it. >> i felt like i was being pick-pocketed. >> reporter: on websites that you know and trust. >> it's just very deceptive business practices. >> reporter: ann makai had been on shutterfly buying photos, mike genevieves, two movie tickets on fandago, when they got some strange, unwanted charges on their credit cards, monthly fees for a membership club called reservation rewards. >> this was going for a service which i did not want, did not need and had no knowledge of getting. >> reporter: authorities say millions of online shoppers are signing up and getting billed for these clubs without knowing it, a billion-dollar business they say is built on deception. >> just a
what i was trained to do, doing what any soldier would do. >> lisa, you re-united with your daughter on saturday evening. i want to show a bit of that reunion. then we'll talk about it. >> oh, baby girl! >> i know, lisa, you were very worried about amber. you had talked to her right before the shooting. then for hours you had no idea how she was, if she had been hit, if she had been killed. but you knew something horrible had happened. what did it mean to you to finally hold her in your arms? >> it was an awesome feeling. she needed me there and we got there as soon as we could. and i don't think i want to leave her now. >> amber, i understand that you are going to be meeting with the president when he comes to ft. hood tomorrow for the memorial service. what's your reaction to that? >> it's crazy. i always wanted to meet him. it's always been i guess a dream of mine to just meet any president really. but i wish it could be under different circumstances. but it's something i'm looking forward to. >> now he's certainly wanting to meet you. just to conclude, amber, i know you're being
, it is 5:00, not 6:00. welcome to 11 news, i'm lisa robinson. >> and i'm kate amara. first we want to take a look outside with john collins. >> and you're always going to find one clock somewhere in the house you forgot to change. right up there, what is that one saying? one minute passed 6:00. now, we got kind of a split decision on today's weatherment the rain is coming down pretty good now. for football fans who are going to the game, dale tailgaters are not going to be happy with the way the game is turning out, but , you know, tailgaters get started really early. >> thre don't care, john. they are out there. >> get a plastic bag. >> a garbage bag. >> if you are an early starter and you want to pack up and go down there to the stadium, there is a lot of rain coming down. it won't be ending in the next hour or two. let's put it that way. by gametime at 1:00 this afternoon, it looks like this stuff will be out of the picture, at least in the baltimore area. what you are looking at is an hour's worth of motion. the rain reaches back as far west as west virginia and to the west of roanoke
somebody's watching me. ♪ it's the money you could be saving with geico. lisa, your family thinks you might have "roasterphobia."
? oh, okay. >> reporter: lisa pfund's daughter, amber barr, was one of the injured soldiers who was shot in the stomach. >> she's a fighter. sire[ sirens ] >> reporter: as alarms sounded around ft. hood, families awaited word about loved ones. president obama called it a horrific outburst of violence. >> it's difficult enough when we lose these brave americans in battles overseas. it is horrifying that they should come under fire at an army base on american soil. >> reporter: the 39-year-old man believed responsible is single with no children, a military psychiatrist. he was previously at walter reed in washington, d.c. late thursday, federal agents searched a home in kensington, maryland, where hasan lived during his medical training. authorities are looking at several internet postings they say may offer clues. one blog posted by username nidalhasan compared suicide bombers with a soldier throwing himself on a grenade to save the lives of his comrades. the post reads, "to say that this soldier committed suicide is inappropriate. it's more appropriate to say he is a brave hero
. [captioning made possible by constellation energy] >> hello and welcome to 11 news sunday morning. i'm lisa robinson. >> and i'm deborah wiener. first a look outside with meteorologist john coinls. hey, john. >> a little different out there, warmer, not raining. >> yes. >> there might be a couple of patches of fog and all, but our temperatures now are where they were yesterday morning at this time. the big difference is that there's no moisture in the atmosphere. >> yes, thank you. >> so let's take a look outside at our h.d. doppler radar, and, you know, the proof is in the pudding. yesterday, there were still some sprinkles and a little drizzle and a couple of spotty showers around the area with most of the rain up in new england, a lot of rain up in new england. well, this morning it's still raining in new england, but we've shaken most of the cloud cover. again, there may be a few patches of fog and here there. temperatures are solidly in the 50's around the region, a few suburban 40's are possible, but no rain nearby. that is the good news to finish out the weekend. and wait till you bh
. her mother, lisa, joins us now. we appreciate you being here. i know you've had a few phone conversations with your daughter. can you tell us how she's doing? >> she's doing good. she was released last night. she's in obviously some pain. she went to an nco's house to heal so she didn't have to do it in the barracks. >> can you tell me how you first learned of the rampage here and then subsequently the fact that your daughter was involved? >> i got a phone call from the e.r. doctor telling me my daughter was injured, couldn't tell me how, what happened, anything. and then it was hours and hours and hours later where we finally got a phone call that she was shot. and then again hours and hours before we figured out what happened. >> and i know she was in a lot of pain when she talked to you. i also know she really isn't allowed to talk about the circumstances of the shooting. but the general, commanding general of this post on the "today" show yesterday morning specifically talked about your daughter and the fact that she came to the aid of fellow soldiers before she, in fact
tips and what could get you into money trouble. in-store deals, lisa freeman of smart shop magazine is here with the best buys of the weekend. >> good morning, jenna. >> consumer reports shopping poll just came out and it said the three biggest things on the wish list this year, clothes, electronics, and toys. where will we find the best deals? >> electronics and toys are the huge thing. the big retail giants are having a huge price war. walmart, target, even amazon is getting into the game and consumers will benefit this year. jewelry, clothing, you can wait on that stuff. >> of the three, 70% on that poll say they'll purchase electronics. >> right. >> what kind of deals should people be looking for? >> the deals will be on these 32-inch lcd screens going for under $400. >> a couple years ago so much more. >> exactly right. these are great gifts. also, blu-ray players will be big. you can find them for as little as a hundred bucks this season to go go with your 32-incher. and net books are super hot. i've seen them as low as $200. some are as much as $300 depending on the model. >>
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